Violin Making in Spain

The Golden Age of Violin Making in Spain is a book published by Tritó Editions and the first of its kind in Spain. Everyone knows the Italian tradition of violin making but Spain also has its history, the most important figure being José Contreras who apparently began his career as a guitar-maker in his native Granada. The photo shows a Contreras violin in the Barcelona Museu de la Música. This book until now had escaped my attention perhaps due to my focus on guitars, guitars and guitars.  I have yet to get my hands on a copy but the photography looks fantastic and the researchers and authors have excellent reputations. Editor Jorge Pozas says: “From the very beginning, one of my great ambitions has been to restore and preserve the national musical heritage of my country.” I can only applaud his intent and be inspired by it.  Too many instruments of incalculable value to our heritage have been sold to collectors outside of Spain. For ordering just go to the link at the top of the page.