Special Monographic Issue of Roseta

There is no better place than the Andrés Segovia foundation for a presentation of a volume dedicated esclusively to the “maestro”. Friday February 10 saw a full house and a short guitar concert accompanying a few of those responsible for this issue of Roseta (spanish language musicology journal). Javier Suarez-Pajares was there as MC and the president of the Sociedad Española de la Guitarra (publisher of the journal). Editor Leopoldo Neri and two experts in the field: Elena García de Paredes and Antonio Martín Moreno. Ms. Garcia is the director of the Manuel de Falla Museum in Granada and Mr. Martín is full professor of musicology at the University of Granada. Javier Somoza played two pieces written for Segovia after the presentation at which we all spoke about our involvement in the publication. This was my first visit to the Segovia foundation and I realized that I will need to return soon with a bit more time. The collection is very extensive and could stand to be publicized more to let musicians and amateurs know about it.