So far I have been very impressed with the thoroughness and fairness of the jury of this guitar competition. The other great thing has been the very high quality of the guitars in general. On the second morning we learned the results of the first screening with the following makers having their guitars pass on to the semifinals.

Mario Aracama                                                                                                                     Julio.Baarslag                                                                                                                       Arcadio Marín                                                                                                         Francisco Javier Muñoz                                                                                                    Oscar Muñoz                                                                                                               Marín Nejime                                                                                                                Huang Pan                                                                                                                  Sergio Valverde                                                                                                                 Julia Wenzel

After another day of public trials and deliberation the jury decided on five instruments to participate in the final to be held in the concert hall of the Federico García Lorca centre. The video shows the secretary of the jury announcing the five finalists: Mario Aracama, Oscar Muñoz, Marín Nejime, Sergio Valverde and Julia Wenzel.



Finalistas 1er. Concurso de Construcción de Guitarras Antonio Marin Montero.

Posted by Festival de la Guitarra de Granada on Saturday, 28 October 2017