Peter Fang in China

I have been working with Peter Fang for upwards of seven years  and the relationship has always been and is excellent. He has represented my guitars very well in China and exposed many people there to my work. I just want to let everyone know that my guitars have never looked better. The banner at the top of the page are photos he took of the first guitar I sent him. He also sent me pictures of the latest two that he received in December.

First the very successful Santos copy which I began making after studying the original (ex-Segovia) and writing about it in the Spanish musicology journal “Roseta”.


And below the Torres copy which comes directly from SE 153. I haven’t published anything about the original but you can hear it on just about any of Carles Trepat’s recordings and my copy can be heard played by Javier Riba on his recording “La guitarra soñada”.