New guitar making book in Spanish

This is news (even for you English speakers) because there has never been a decent book written in Spanish on the subject; something I find quite ironic.  “La Guitarra en la Luthería”  by José Ángel Chacón Tenllado was published by the regional government here in Andalucia, Spain earlier this month.  I am sorry to say that I have yet to see a copy of the book but I did see some of the drawings and content while it was being written.  Chacón was my first teacher in instrument-making back in 1990 and prides himself on being a luthier – a maker of all stringed instruments- not just the bowed instruments for which he is  well-known.  He developed his professional skills in Italy so for me the Italian influence combined with the violin maker’s influence enriched what I later learned here in Granada.  I am excited about this book because I know how systematic and organized Chacón is so I know that everything will be explained to perfection.  Teaching has been a very important part of his work ever since he returned to Spain in the eighties.  And now for the baffling politics of this:  There were an extremely limited number of copies printed and it is not for sale, go figure.