Manuel de Falla Museum

fallaManuel de Falla Cadiz, 1876) was a cornerstone of the intellectual community in Granada and obviously a very relevant composer and pianist. However, his friendship and correspondence with Miquel Llobet and Andrés Segovia make him that much more important for guitarists and guitar-makers. He was also a driving force behind the acceptance of Andalusian folk music as a cultural form on a par with more intellectually recognised forms of music. It was this bent that led him to organise the “Concurso de Cante Jondo” in 1922 in Granada.

I have often noted this aspect of Granada; it is very often non-granadinos or adopted granadinos that manage to raise support for projects like this. For some reason, a local is held back by his peers when he tries to do something good for the city whereas the “outsider” does not incite so much jealousy. Still, there must have been more going on in Falla’s day judging from the quote on the wall at his house (the museum). It says: ” In Granada I feel like I am at the centre of the world, as if Granada were a little Paris”.

Falla’s house has been kept exactly as it was when he died in accordance with the wishes of his surviving sister. A lovely, well kept piano and a Benito Ferrer guitar are part of his legacy althought the guitar is not displayed. So many artists die without the recognition they deserve so it is refreshing to see at least this one case where the family and the town  council took steps to preserve his legacy. Perhaps the more important aspect of his legacy is the Archivo which is kept in the Auditorium building and recieves visiting scholars from all over the world.