Rolf Eichinger 1985: his early work

Another guitar made by Rolf Eichinger has become available, this one is in Italy as far as I know. It has a few well-repaired cracks on the top which were repaired by Rolf. If you are interested in this guitar I can pass on the contact to you.20171107_1720171107_174116[1]20171107_174136[1]

Alexei Khorev – Festival Finale

I hadn’t planned to attend the last concert of the Granada Guitar Festival but in the end I am very glad I did. Alexei is an excellent player and I enjoyed his programme very much. The Tarrega and the Rodrigo were particularily good. An excellent, very musical player and also technically very perfect. We enjoyed a drink afterwards and celebrated the success of the Festival. Alexei plays a french-made double-top guitar but was asked by a Granada maker (Pavel Gavryushov) to play two pieces on his guitar and kindly did so. Today Manuel de Falla auditorium, tomorrow the world. Viva la escuela granadina!



Sergio Valverde-Gold Medal Winner

Sergio Valverde of Mecina Bombarón (province of Granada) has won the gold medal in the Antonio Marín international guitar-making competition. Two silver medals were awarded: Julia Wenzel of Germany and Oscar Muñoz from Cajar (province of Granada) as a testament to the unexpectedly high quality of the instruments submitted for judgement. The Competition was a huge success as was the entire festival which ends on November 3 with a concert by Alexei I took this photo on the first day of the judging and as luck would have it the future winners were standing together. From left to right: Oscar Muñoz, Sergio Valverde and Julia Wenzel.


So far I have been very impressed with the thoroughness and fairness of the jury of this guitar competition. The other great thing has been the very high quality of the guitars in general. On the second morning we learned the results of the first screening with the following makers having their guitars pass on to the semifinals.

Mario Aracama                                                                                                                     Julio.Baarslag                                                                                                                       Arcadio Marín                                                                                                         Francisco Javier Muñoz                                                                                                    Oscar Muñoz                                                                                                               Marín Nejime                                                                                                                Huang Pan                                                                                                                  Sergio Valverde                                                                                                                 Julia Wenzel

After another day of public trials and deliberation the jury decided on five instruments to participate in the final to be held in the concert hall of the Federico García Lorca centre. The video shows the secretary of the jury announcing the five finalists: Mario Aracama, Oscar Muñoz, Marín Nejime, Sergio Valverde and Julia Wenzel.



Finalistas 1er. Concurso de Construcción de Guitarras Antonio Marin Montero.

Posted by Festival de la Guitarra de Granada on Saturday, 28 October 2017

Last weekend of Casa Ferrer exhibition

2017-10-27 19.00.54In my mind Casa Ferrer is very important in Granada’s history because of the number of makers who started out in its workshops. There is no way there would be so many guitar-makers in Granada if Benito, Eduardo and Antonio Durán had not hired those workers. The latest generation to take the reins of the business is Ana Durán Ferrer and I was lucky enough to find here there on Friday when I went up the hill to check out the Casa Ferrer Exhibition. I was impressed with the layout of the exhibition as well as with the specific pieces in it. Ana walked me through the space and told us some stories and specifics which I appreciated greatly.

2017-10-27 19.00.31

Benito Ferrer

Some of the best makers today are represented there by their guitars: Manuel López Bellido, Antonio Marín Montero, Francisco Manuel Díaz, Rafael Moreno Rodríguez and Germán Pérez Barranco. Eduardo Durán Ferrer and Antonio Raya Ferrer are represented as a continuation of the Ferrer tradition. I was sorry not to see guitars by José López Bellido and Juan Miguel Carmona although their relationship with Casa Ferrer was slightly different.

2017-10-27 19.00.13

First collaboration between Antonio Marín and Robert Bouchet.

This exhibition not only treats the origins of the history of the Casa Ferrer but also the pre-history. It seems that the bandurria played by Benito Ferrer was made by Antonio del Valle and when it collapsed under the tension of the metal strings he took it to José Ortega for advice. Thus began a collaboration which gave Benito the knowledge he needed to start his journey as a guitar-maker.

2017-10-27 19.01.49

Antonio del Valle and Jose Ortega

Guitar Competition: Phase 1

2017-10-27 16.05.28Flamenco and Classical guitars ready to be evaluated by the jury. Yesterday afternoon we heard all 17 guitars and the jury had some time as well to examine the workmanship and aesthetics of the guitars. They will continue their labour today and announce which guitars will be passing on to the second phase. 2017-10-27 17.30.23 The photo below shows jury members on the right and participants on the left with representatives from the Granada town council. There are five guitar-makers from the province of Granada participating, two from Málaga, three from Madrid, one from Barcelona, one from Sevilla and the international participants include a maker from Portugal, one from Germany two from China and one from Japan. The quality of the guitars is quite high overall and in the listening tests I heard a very few sub-par instruments and two or three that seemed a head above the rest, mostly in terms of the beauty of the sound. It is exciting to see so many makers and to meet Illustrious members of the guitar world like Manuel Caceres, Edmund Blöchinger and Pepe Romero. The guitars were played by Florian Blöchinger (classicals) and Luis Mariano (flamencos).2017-10-27 17.48.352017-10-27 16.38.13

Granada Festival

The Granada Guitar Festival is coming to a close with the Ferrer exhibition, the guitar making competition this week and next week a final guitar concert. The list of contestants in the Antonio Marín Montero competition has finally been published and it looks like there will be some fine instruments vying for first prize. The following was posted on the Festival’s facebook page and at the bottom is a list of the contestants.

Este fin de semana es muy importante para la European Guitar Foundation, el Festival de la Guitarra de Granada, y creemos , humildemente, que para la guitarra en general.
Hemos creado el 1er Concurso Internacional de Construcción de Guitarras Antonio Marín Montero.
Ante un nombre de trascendencia histórica en la guitarra como es el del Mtro. Antonio Marín, no podíamos hacer un concurso que se quedara a medias, y los concursantes que asistirán, avalan nuestro trabajo.
Recibiremos concursantes de China, Japón, Alemania, Portugal y España. 17 en total.
El jurado, es de una categoría difícilmente igualable, y que asegura el más justo y estricto resultado posible.
David Collett, Presidente de Guitar Salon international de Los Ángeles. El mayor dealer de guitarras de colección y de alta calidad del mundo. Edmund Blöchinger, uno de los nombres referencia indiscutible de la guitarrería . José Miguel Moreno, considerado uno de los mejores intérpretes de instrumentos históricos en el mundo y luthier de reconocido prestigio. Julio Castaños, reconocido profesor e intérprete especializado en la música antigua y que está, en la actualidad, reconocido como uno de los grandes luthiers de instrumentos históricos. Manuel Cáceres, guitarrero referencia mundial de la escuela de Madrid, seguidor y colaborador de Arcángel Fernández, y por tanto continuador de la escuela de Marcelo Barbero. José Marín Plazuelo, uno de los guitarreros referencia de España y de la escuela de Granada, colaborador del Mtro. Antonio Marín y Presidente de este jurado, del que es secretario Esteban Ocaña, concertista internacional y profesor de piano y presidente de Artmusic. Los grandes concertistas Luis Mariano y Florian David Blöchinger, serán los encargados de hacer sonar los instrumentos para el jurado.
Queremos desear a los 17 consursantes la mayor de las suertes. Hemos hecho este concurso para ellos, y vamos a poner todo el esfuerzo en que gane quien más lo merezca. Agradecemos a todos nuestros colaboradores y patrocinadores, en especial al Ayuntamiento de Granada, la ayuda determinante que nos han prestado para realizar este evento único en el mundo. Único porque no hay otro concurso de guitarreros de éste nivel, y mucho menos con un jurado de ésta categoria.
Un fuerte abrazo a todos, y muchas gracias a los miembros del Jurado y concursantes por el gran esfuerzo que habéis hecho para poder estar aquí , en honor al Mtro. Antonio Marín Montero.
Atte. Vicente Coves

P.D. La entrada es libre en todas las fases del concurso.
Día 27 Octubre

Comienzo del concurso.
1ª Fase: Preliminar.

Día 28 Octubre

10 : 00 h.
Continuación de la 1ª Fase en caso de que no finalizara el día 27.

17:00 h.
2ª Fase. Semifinal

Día 29 Octubre

12:00 h.

Centro Cultural Federico García Lorca, Granada

Concursantes inscritos:

Mario Aracama – España

Julio Baarslag Espinosa – España

Henrique Gabriel – Portugal

Vincent Hao Xu – China

Jesús de Jimenez – España

Jorge López del Río – España

Arcadio Marín – España

Francisco Javier Muñoz Alba – España

Felipe Conde Jr. – España

Óscar Muñoz – España

Marín Nejime – Japón

Huang Pan – China

Tomás Sánchez – España

José Rodrigo Tebar – España

Sergio Valverde – España

Francisco Vico – España

Julia Wenzel –Alemania