Last weekend of Casa Ferrer exhibition

2017-10-27 19.00.54In my mind Casa Ferrer is very important in Granada’s history because of the number of makers who started out in its workshops. There is no way there would be so many guitar-makers in Granada if Benito, Eduardo and Antonio Durán had not hired those workers. The latest generation to take the reins of the business is Ana Durán Ferrer and I was lucky enough to find here there on Friday when I went up the hill to check out the Casa Ferrer Exhibition. I was impressed with the layout of the exhibition as well as with the specific pieces in it. Ana walked me through the space and told us some stories and specifics which I appreciated greatly.

2017-10-27 19.00.31

Benito Ferrer

Some of the best makers today are represented there by their guitars: Manuel López Bellido, Antonio Marín Montero, Francisco Manuel Díaz, Rafael Moreno Rodríguez and Germán Pérez Barranco. Eduardo Durán Ferrer and Antonio Raya Ferrer are represented as a continuation of the Ferrer tradition. I was sorry not to see guitars by José López Bellido and Juan Miguel Carmona although their relationship with Casa Ferrer was slightly different.

2017-10-27 19.00.13

First collaboration between Antonio Marín and Robert Bouchet.

This exhibition not only treats the origins of the history of the Casa Ferrer but also the pre-history. It seems that the bandurria played by Benito Ferrer was made by Antonio del Valle and when it collapsed under the tension of the metal strings he took it to José Ortega for advice. Thus began a collaboration which gave Benito the knowledge he needed to start his journey as a guitar-maker.

2017-10-27 19.01.49

Antonio del Valle and Jose Ortega