La Escuela

The Granada school of Guitar-makers (La escuela granadina de guitarreros) is centuries old but has only been called by that name since 1987 when the first association of makers was established. There were three foreigners out of 15 total founding members of that association. This ratio has remained more or less constant in the Granada school since then and the 20 per cent that come from elsewhere have been an integral part of it. The latest additions are russian, syrian, argentinian and italian and we hope they will continue the Granada tradition and add to it. I am thinking about this these days because the original association has been decreed by the regional government to be incorrectly constituted and has been dissolved. A new association has been founded and hopefully I can post news about it very soon.

Another reason I am coming back to this topic is that the most visited post on this blog is an article which Evaristo López Valentí wrote about the foreigners in Granada. Read it here in English and here in Spanish.