Historic Granada Guitars

IMG_6254The guitars in this month’s guitar exhibition in Granada include some very interesting historic guitars, some of which are being exhibited for the first time in public. Benito Ferrer, José Pernas, Manuel de la Chica, Nicolás del Valle, Agustín Caro, and as a testament to the most famous apprentice in Granada, Antonio de Torres. In the photo above you can see from left to right the del Valle, Pernas and Caro. In previous posts you can see de la Chica, Torres and Ferrer. We also expected a Juan Ortega, the maker who taught Benito Ferrer but in the end it didn’t come. I was asked to mention that this guitar is for sale. The owners of the Manuel de la Chica and the Nicolás del Valle are also interested in selling. I hope these importante elements of Granada’s history stay close to home.