Guitars from Paracho

The guitar pictured is of course a copy of the “Cumbre” made by Antonio de Torres which represents the pinnacle of the craft. I know of a few who have made copies but the perfection and fidelity of this one to the original are incredible. I got to hear the guitar in concert also and it is a great-sounding instrument. The maker is Abel García López from Paracho, Mexico. If you have any preconceived notions about the quality of the guitars made in Paracho you can forget them now. Although I understand that there are many makers in the area who work extremely quickly and cheaply, Abel is at the other extreme completely of the guitar-making spectrum. He is now on my list of world-class makers. I spent some time with him this weekend at the International Guitar Days in Badalona and really enjoyed his company where his guitar was the star of the show.  Here is the poster for the event.