Guitar-maker’s webpages

2015-01-21 10.17.11A recent visitor to my workshop complained that despite Granada’s reputation as a great place to find a guitar, he was having very little luck.  The makers he was interested in or whose guitars he had tried, or was able to try now, did not have anything available for sale.  It is true that the better makers are making guitars on order and sending them off to clients as soon as they are finished so you have to be here at the right time if you want to sample the wares.  One way to avoid this problem is through contact with the guitar-makers.  These days a lot of them use email and will answer. These are not neccesarily reccommendations although I will say that these workshops do not sell factory-made instruments but rather guitars made on the premises by the guitar-makers.

Rafael Moreno, Francisco Alba and José López Bellido do not have webpages.

Sometimes it is possible to hold off sending a guitar to the client so that someone can see it. In the past I have had a guitar available which I have been asked to reserve long enough so that a client could come and see it and maybe take it.  I am always encouraging folks to come to Granada to buy a guitar as it is a treat to meet the builders and the city is beautiful.  However, there are alternatives; a few shops where you can find a nice asortment of guitars from Granada.  Below is a list of shops which usually have guitars by a number of Granada makers.

  • Casa Luthier in Barcelona, Spain
  • Aura Guitar Shop in Tokyo, Japan
  • Jean-Marc de Beys near Toulouse, France
  • Kent Guitar Classics in Sevenoaks, England
  • The Classical Guitar Store in Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Guitarras de Luthier in Madrid, Spain
  • Kurosawa at various locations in Japan
  • RIck Falkiner’s Guitar Centre near Sydney, Australia