Granada, ciudad de la guitarra

IMG_6244Spanish version here. Yesterday we spent the afternoon setting up the exhibition “Granada, ciudad de la guitarra” which opens today in the Sala Zaida, Caja Rural. The exhibition opens with a quote from Evaristo Valentí’s article “La nueva escuela” and takes us through the development of the guitar (thanks to Asociación para el Estudio de la Guitarra RCSMVE) to leave us with a great collection of guitars made in Granada. The only exception is the Antonio de Torres guitar from the Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucia which is there to remind of us of the fact that Torres built his first guitar in Granada. IMG_6256A series of videos showing guitar-makers at work, a selection of historical tools, jigs and documents are on display as well. The highlights of the exhibition will be the concerts, live workbenches and the conferences. Here you can see guitar-maker Juan García Fernández, who will have his workbench onsite for a few periods throughout the exhibition, admiring the work of Pernas, Caro and del Valle. Thanks again to Gloria Medina for all the work and of course to Fundación Caja Rural and Poli Servián for the iniative. Click here for the programme. IMG_6255