Fernando Espi – Santos Hernández

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-12 at 09.46.29Virtuoso Fernando Espí came to pick up his new guitar in November, a rosewood Torres copy ordered earlier this year. I have known Fernando for years now ever since he started playing on guitars made by Rolf Eichinger and his dúo partner Evaristo Valentí bought a Lorca copy from me. Fernando spent the afternoon in the shop putting the Torres through its paces and seems to be very happy with it.

On the workbench you can see a Santos Hernández guitar which he brought along for me to see, knowing that I am particularily interested in Santos. Ferando teaches at the conservatory in Alicante and concertizes all over the world. He is also a prolific recording artist and composer. I had the pleasure of hearing him play one of his compositions here in Nigüelas, Granada this summer with orchestra. Here you can find his music including a cd of his compositions. The video below shows part of a performance at the Fundación Juan March.