Casa Ferrer

Yesterday, the guitar-makers of Granada all received official notification of the exhibition “Honores a la Casa Ferrer” to be held at the Fundación Rodríguez Acosta. The exhibition runs from October 11th to the 29th and is part of the Festival de la Guitarra de Granada. As far as I know the different generations of the family Ferrer will be represented as will those who worked directly with the owners. Most of the guitar-makers in Granada have learned from someone who in turn learned from someone who worked with Eduardo Ferrer but obviously those who had a more direct contact are fewer.  As I have written on other occasions there are many reasons why the standard of guitar-making is so high in Granada but certainly the great number of makers in Granada is due largely to the fact that Benito Ferrer, Eduardo Ferrer and Antonio Durán (owners of the Casa Ferrer over the years) hired so many makersCasa Ferrer con texto.