Book – Granada Guitar-makers

Update:  Distribution of this book has not been a priority for those charged with getting it to Europe. If you find that the businesses mentioned below do not have access to the book ask them to contact me. I will make sure that they do get it. This goes for any seller that wishes to carry it.

Here is a list of countries or regions where this book is available:

Spain:  Almost any bookshop can get it, you might need the name “La escuela granadina de guitarreros” and the ISBN 978-84-7807-537-9  I am happy to see it in the Librería Central, Casa del Libro, El Flamenco Vive and the bookshops of some of the major Spanish tourist attractions.

Europe in General:  Haus der Musik Trekel, they tend to be present at Guitar Festivals.

France:  Jean-Marc De Beys

Belgium: Lutherie Decorte

Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Ask your sheet music dealer to order it from Grahl & Nicklas

Italy:  La Stanza della Musica in Rome.

Japan:  Aura Guitar Shop in Tokyo

China:  Jitamen

United States:  Strings By Mail

United Kingdom and Ireland:  The Classical Guitar Centre in Birmingham

Canada:  Timeless Instruments is the Canadian distributor

Australia and New Zealand:  Wheeler Custom Guitars has copies.