List of guitar-makers

The upcoming festival in Granada intends to showcase the many guitar-makers working in Granada and the quality of their work. To that end, the program for the concerts of July 26th includes a list of guitar-makers and guitar vendors. The list starts with the makers in town and at the end includes the shops where you can find factory-made instruments made elsewhere for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative.  list

Rolf Eichinger guitar for sale

This guitar is in Sweden and I have no more information about it. If you are interested I will put you in contact with the seller. Rolf made beautiful-looking and beautiful-sounding guitars and this is obviously one of them. The back and sides are Amazon rosewood.eichinger_3 Tobias 1 tobias 6tobias 4

Siccas Guitars

My experience with Siccas Guitars has been very good and I am happy to say that they are now including my reproductions of historic instruments. My latest Torres copy has just arrived at their shop and is looking very good. See it here. I do photograph my instruments sometimes just to keep track of them but my skills with the camera are not great so I like to see the photos that others take of my guitars.

For those of you that don’t know this guitar is a copy of SE 153 and uses the same woods as the original. One of these was included in a Torres exhibition recently with 5 other copies by other makers in Badalona. They were all played in concert and I was very pleased with how mine sounded.